Who Are We... 

Established in 2015 and previously known as AnD Dance Worldwide - The Academic Network of Dance is a virtual dance company founded by world renowned dance artists Alex Morel and Desiree Godsell. Passion AnD Fun Worldwide is our mantra! The mission is to spread the joy of dance while building and growing dance communities all over the world. Alex AnD Desiree are the primary instructors, choreographers and artistic performers of the company. 

Today you can learn directly from Alex AnD Desiree with their series of Bachata and Salsa Dance lessons available on this website. They offer an AnD Bachata Certification Course for instructors and dancers interested in teaching or better understanding fundamentals. Their structured progressive syllabus is also available via the World Mastery Program offered online. Alex AnD Desiree can also be booked to teach and perform at an event near you! 

Stay connected with us as we prepare to launch our official Academic Network of Dance Online Dance Academy where you can take virtual dance classes online with us each week! Stay Tuned! 

Meet our Instructors: Alex Morel AnD Desiree Godsell 

Specializing in Latin-style dancing, Alex and Desiree are professional dancers who partnered in 2015 to share their passion with the world. Whether it’s teaching at the world’s premier dance festivals or bringing exciting-energetic showcases to stages across the globe, they are currently among the most sought out artists today. While both Alex and Desiree are well rounded in many forms of dance the world has really embraced their interpretation of Bachata. They have undoubtedly become the leading couple representing Bachata Clasica also known as Traditional or Dominican Style Bachata. 

Their trajectory includes winning world coveted titles and recognition for their signature choreography and their abundant contributions to the Latin dance scene. You may have also seen Alex AnD Desiree on television shows, music videos, and all over social-media platforms. Despite their popularity, however, their focus continues to be the spread of joy and passion through the growth of dance communities everywhere. Apart from coaching and training dancers from across the globe, Alex and Desiree are also part of the official judging panel at two of the world's most prestigious Dance Championships such as the World Salsa Summit and Bachatea World Masters. 

Follow Alex AnD Desiree on Youtube/Instagram @AlexandDesiree and be part of their journey around the globe as they continue to spread the joy of dance!