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Premium Membership   
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  • Includes 7 Online Classes (over 300+ Lessons) Includes Online DVDs (9 DVDs)
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Standard Membership Subscription
  • Choose 1 of 7 Different Online Classes (approx. 50 Lessons) 
  • No Partner Required To Begin                                                                                    

Membership Classes

Improve your fundamentals of Bachata from movement detail to exploration of weight transfers.
Starting your Bachata journey from the very beginning? This class is for you. Learn the fundamentals you need to get on the dance floor.
Bachata Body Movement, weight transfers, and transitions are the focus of this fun, groovy footwork class.
Syncopated footwork, sensational hips and coordination with flow make up this advanced bachata footwork class. Elevate your dancing.
Learn how to express yourself adding color and style to your Bachata movements through Space, Timing and Energy. This class is geared towards the followers perspective.
Frame Up! Time to apply what you have learned from your individual classes and dance with a partner. Enjoy simple to intermediate Bachata partnering combinations.
Start from the beginning and progressively build with each class - your introduction to basic salsa moves.

Why Sign Up? 

  1. No Partner Required 
    While we do offer partnering classes, many of the classes available to you can be done without a partner. First understand how your body and feet should be moving and then move on to some partnering. 
  2. No Experience Required 
    At the Academic Network of Dance we value the importance of starting with a solid foundation. Don’t worry - we have entry level classes such as Back to Basics, Beginner Salsa On2 and Beginner Bachata with step by step detailed breakdowns. You do not need to have prior dance experience. Plus, the great thing about online classes is the ability to go back and rewatch. 
  3. Bachata & Salsa (All Levels) 
     There are a variety of online classes offered to you. Choose the level you feel will be best suitable for you. Back to Basics and Beginner Bachata would be a great start for newbies. Once you feel ready you can move on to a class such as Intermediate Bachata Flow. If you are ready for more of a challenge try our Follower Styling and the advanced Bachata Killer Footwork classes. 
  4. Upgrading Membership
    We are constantly growing and excited to bring more value to your membership. Our website is regularly updated to bring you more lessons and classes - we are just getting started.  
  5. Detailed Explanation 
    Virtual / E-Learning has been a growing concept that we are quickly adapting to these days. No matter what level you are at in your dance journey, learning online can at times be a bit overwhelming. We are proud to bring you classes that are taught by highly experienced world renown instructors who truly invest in their delivery of quality instruction. Alex and Desiree’s attention to movement detail is definitely part of their edge.  
  6. Access to Special Live Workshops
     Occasional workshops will be delivered live via our platform and as a PREMIUM member you will be offered these as a thank you! 
  7. Mobil, PC, Laptop, Tablet Friendly
     On the go? No problem. You can grab your Phone or Tablet and access our classes from anywhere with a secure internet connection. 


"woot woot wish I had this class a year ago, thanks!"

Julia Bluestone


"Love it"

Susan Forsman


"de alto estándar, tango explicativo como posicionamiento corporal."

alvaro turreuman