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Dates: Oct 27- Nov 3, 2024

Fun is the #1 focus of this trip! Alex and Desiree invite you to 7 days of embracing the Dominican Culture. Escape with us to the beautiful Dominican Republic - a.k.a. the Mecca of Bachata. You will enjoy dance lessons with the greatest native Dominican dance instructors (as well as with Alex and Desiree). Dance the day and nights away with festivities happening throughout the week. Enjoy authentic experiences including  home cooked Dominican meals and dancing with local bachateros.

Other activities include river trips, a day trip to a beautiful island off the coast, beach outings and group activities. Spots are limited and can only be reserved on a first come first serve basis. Sorry, No Refunds. (We highly recommend travel insurance.)

FLIGHTS should be booked through Santo Domingo Las Americas Airport (SDQ) - Arrive between 10:30AM - 3PM (Bus will pickup between 11:30-4PM). Departure - NO EARLIER than 1PM (Bus drop off will be at approximately 10:45 AM). More details will be sent upon booking.

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Trip will include Airport Transfers, Food, Alcohol, Accommodation, Workshops, Excursions, Dancing and most importantly FUN!


Mix of Villas and Hotels throughout 3 different cities: 
Las Terrenas, Boca Chica and Bonao (all with pools)


Transportation + Transfers

All transportation is included as well as pick-up and drop-off to/from the airport.
*Transfers only to/from SDQ (Santo Domingo) airport only  pickups 12-4pm, drop off 10:30AM


Dominican-based meals will be provided every day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

*We can't accommodate vegan specific diets


River Excursions
Island Hop
Natural Pool
Authentic Batey Outing & more!

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Dance Workshops

Learn directly from local Dominican instructors as well as from Alex and Desiree to get your Bachata life fully together!

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Social Dancing + FUN!!

Entrances to all dance festivities will be included as part of the trip. And the #1 amenity ... LOADS OF FUN!!!

WORKSHOPS: Meet Your Dominican Instructors & Dancers

Train with native Dominican dancers & support by taking advantage of private lessons! 

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Farifeo is a dancer, instructor and choreographer in the Dominican latin dance community. He is known for his charismatic style of Bachata Flow Batey. Inarguably a leader in this style.  Farifeo's take on Bachata is sure to captivate you on this Escape!

Ana Saldaña

Native Bonao dancer with incredible energy and passion for dance. She is a leader in her community and part of the Union Bachatera. As one of Bonao's first Bachata instructors , she's ready to bring that firey style and energy to our ESCAPE!

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Frank (Bachata) Mendez

Frank has been dancing all of his life. He is rooted from a Batey where he grew up in Santo Domingo. Formal training began in his early teens with Farifeo and also his good friend Anara Frank. His style is a fusion of Farifeo's Batey style with is own twist.

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Esmeralda is a top instructor in Las Terrenas whose style embraces freedom, harmony with a spike of attitude. She's passionate about instilling confidence in her students and invites you to experience some of the magic she's experienced through dance. Esmeralda is excited to join us again this July.

Franky (El Suave)

Originally from Puerto Plata, Franky has been teaching in Las Terrenas for 7 years. His style can be described just as his name implies "SUAVE" (smooth). Focusing on connection and body movement Franky's style and technique is one we know you will love! He is excited to share his passion with you this July.

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Elizabeth Bidó

Over 8 years of experience in Traditional Bachata focused on roots and expression. She created the event AfroBachateros to help create more opportunities for the dancers of her community. With her partner Swagger, she was the winner of the ADN Bachata Dance Competition in 2020.

Instructor - wanderon2.jpg__PID:eac4951a-c957-4bdb-bd6b-cea878ef9b90


Originally from Santo Domingo, Wanderson developed his style of Bachata through his upbringing in the Batey and then formal training with his cousin Farifeo. With 8 years of dance experience, he has become one of Las Terrena's most sought out dancers and instructor. He is excited to dance with you!

Instructors - Mellos.JPG__PID:0fd4f8de-abdd-4dee-952b-fe277042b92b

Los Mellos

"Los Mellos" or "The Twins" Jose and Jordani are Las Terrenas most energetic dynamic duo. While they will be teaching Bachata Footwork on the escape, they are extremely talented and versatile dancers in other rhythms such as Salsa, Merengue, Afro-House, Dembow, and Kompa among others. 

Pablo Piano Guira.PNG__PID:8d485c25-6d0a-4ad3-a0fe-f9142cc353d9

Pablo Piano

Not just a musician and educator, Pablo Piano is an artist who has collaborated with some of the most well renowened Bachata artists from Dominican Republic. Pablo will be teaching us about the various instruments of Bachata to help improve your understanding of what is happening within the music. 


Alejandro Suero

Not only great in Bachata, but Ale is also a great dancer instructor for Salsa On1, On2, Cuban, Merengue and Dembow. From Las Terrenas, he defines his style as a fusion of all the rhythms he enjoys. With over 3 years of teaching experience Ale is excited to share his style with you  on this Escape!

Instructor Makote Vertical.JPG__PID:203025c9-1b9e-47cb-bd5c-881461905d44

Edwin (Makote)

Edwin also nicknamed Makote has a fluid and fun style of dancing. He is one of Las Terrenas top social dancers and you will see him regularly on the dance floor all night. He has a very charismatic flow and we are sure you will enjoy dancing with Edwin on our next AND DR Escape!

Instructor Madison Vertical.JPG__PID:1afc51e3-8c1b-42b3-b118-b7ba03e15c29


Trained by Las Terrenas top instructor Farifeo Bachata, Madison has the moves on the dance floor. He is one of Dominican Republic's rising stars and is excited to dance with you this upcoming Escape! Lookout for Madison during workshop and at our parties. Be sure to dance with him!

Concert artist To Be announced



Below are some photos of some of the places where you will stay:  Las Terrenas, Boca Chica and Bonao.

las terrenas

Boca Chica



What people are saying about the DR Escape ...

"Very authentic bachata experience ... Amazing food ... It's unbelieveable"
- Anissia

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