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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between online Dvds and Premium?

We offer an array of options for your online dance instruction. Our online Dvds are recorded mini lessons that were originally physical Dvds 📀 but now have been converted digitally for you to access on our online platform. We offer different levels of both footwork partner work for Bachata and for Salsa. Some are also offered in bundles (beginner to advanced). Our Premium Dance Membership gives you access to over 300+ recorded lessons for Salsa and Bachata. These lessons are approximately 30 minutes long and spread out by class titles and levels i.e “Back to Basics” or “Intermediate Bachata Flow”

How much are online classes?

Our Premium Membership is a monthly subscription of $39.99/month which can also be paid annually at $199.99 (approx $16.67/month)

Our Online Dvds are offered as one time payments ranging from $24.99-$74.99

What is thinkific?

Thinkific is our online dance training platform where all of our online instructional videos are housed. When you purchase an online DVD or sign up for our Premium Dance Membership, you receive and email granting you access to thinkific.

How long will it take me to learn how to dance?

Repetition is the mother of all skill sets. The student taking online classes daily will naturally learn faster than the one who takes one or two classes per week. Commit to a regular schedule that works for you. We highly encourage practicing with fellow dancers at home or at events in your area to increase your skills. Dancing at a basic level for someone new to dance can be picked up in as little as a few weeks (depending on how often you train).

Can I take in person lessons with Alex and Desiree?
Yes! Alex and Desiree offer dance workshops at major dance events all over the world. Follow our calendar or events and their instagram @alexanddesiree for the next date and location near you. Desiree is currently offering a regular class every week in NYC!

Can I cancel after I sign up?

Yes - there are no contracts once you sign up for our Dance Membership. While there are no refunds for our online instruction, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Do you offer partner work classes online?

Yes - try our Bachata Partnering Class which is part of our Premium Membership. It’s an all levels class with detailed explanation for leaders and followers. We expect to offer additional partnering classes as we continue to grow.

Do I need a partner to learn how to dance online?

No - there are a variety of classes offered under our Premium Membership that do mot require partners at all. First focus on how to fundamentally move your feet and your body and then move on to partnering.

Are your classes offered in other languages?

Our online Dvds “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Bachata A to Z” are in English and Español.
We are looking into offering subtitles for Premium Dance lessons in Español soon!

What is the next festival / congress where I can meet Alex and Desiree?

Access our Calendar of Events on our website to see a list of upcoming events!

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes - see our Online Private Lessons page to schedule your online private session. For in person private lessons send us a message via our Contact page!